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Dear fellow citiziens, dear guests,

Foto: schopps-fotografie.de

Welcome to the city of Rösrath’s website. Here you have an overview of the diversity of life within this young city. Our website offers help and information about a range of topics.

Rösrath can proudly look back on more than 1000 years of history, with a recent high point being January 1, 2001, the day Rösrath was awarded status of being a city. In the tension between tradition and modernity Rösrath offers living and working people an attractive environment in a charming and unspoilt countryside

In addition to modern jobs in future-oriented companies, Rösrath has a lot to offer in the fields of sports and recreation, culture and social gatherings. The city of Rösrath is positioned in the immediate vicinity of famous cities along the Rhine; with its attractive infrastructure Rösrath is a modern location with a high quality of living.

Let us invite you to discover the beauty of our city and its environment, and to learn about aspects of life in Rösrath. Rösrath is always open to new visitors, I am sure you will find that Rösrath is simply charming!

Bondina Schulze